Tolong yah kakak....

example :
the girl whose house is red goes to smk BU..
- the girl has a red house
- the girl goes to smk BU

soal nya...
separate the sentenas using relative pronoun into 2 independent sentence....

1. Mr. haris who will come here for a diner tonight is my close friend.

2. this is the lady whom i want to invite to my brithday party.

3. the boy whose father died will be adopted by her parents.

4. we talk about the war which had killed milions people.

5. i lost the bag where i put all my lovely stuff.

tolong yah...
kalau jawab lain dari soal nanti tak laporin...



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. mr.haris will come here a dinner to night
   mr. haris is my closed friend
2. I want the lady it
   I invite his to my birthday party
3.his father is died
   He will be adopted by her parent
4.we talk about the war
  the war it had killed milions people
5. I lost the bag
   I put stuff in the bag was  beautiful

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