please, help me all , perlu bgt ni

A . arrange the sentences

1) he
was very happy and showed it to everyone he met

2) the man regratted what he had done

3) one day, a man found a lump of the gold with a seal, from the palace

4) he also told them that he was given it, because he had helped the princess
when she was in danger

5) he was guilty because he had stolen the palace's property but didn't return

6) he told them the princess of the palace gave it to him

7) not long afterwards, soldiers from the palace captured the man

B arrange the sentence

1) this was the world's first
battery-called a voltaic pile , named after its inventor- that produced a
continuous flow of electricity!

2) in 1977, volta tried a new experiment

3) each pair was separated by a piece of wet cloth

4) volta soon realized that if he used copper instead of silver and an acid
instead of water , he could produce more eleectricity

5) within a few years, scientist were makking batteries with thousand of metal

6) he made a column or " pile " of 10 pairs of silver and zinc plates

7) as long as the pieces of cloth remained wet, the pile produced

8) when he put one hand on the bottom of the pile of 20 plates and the other on
the top, he could feel the tingle of electricity



Jawaban paling cerdas!
Jawabannya yang A : 3-1-6-4-7-5-2
o,k , makasih dek
jangan lupa semangat terus ya ^_^
o,k , makasih dek
jangan lupa semangat terus ya ^_^
dek, kok kamu pinter bgt bahasa inggris ?? bagi tips nya donk bwt kakak , ?
iyaa sipp kak.. hahahha enggak juga kok, kak.. yaa aku kan ikut English Club sejak kelas 4 sampe kelas 7, jadi yaa aku udah mulai belajar gitu, terus aku kelas 5 sd ikut speech contest (gak menang :v) terus kelas 7 ikut seleksi story telling kak
wihh ,, keren pakai bgt ... ^_^ apa nama facebook kamu ?