Last year ago, I went to my grandmother house. I felt so happy and I think that was the best day ever in my life.
Vacation to Home Grandpa and Grandma
Vacation to Home Grandpa and Grandma

Vacation to Home Grandpa and Grandma

2 semester break , Mr. Arif , Miss Daisy , brother Rio and Lisa wanted a vacation . Rio is a brother sister Lisa . Kak Rio had grade 3 junior , age was 16 years . Lisa , sister Kak Rio 4th grade , age 10 years . Mr. Arif worked as a doctor , Mrs. Desi as a kindergarten teacher .

They lived in the village of Joy , Hamlet Cambodia , RT 01 , RW 31 , Jalan Anggrek . Their house though small and petite , but the home page and the room in the house clean and very tidy .

Vacation at this time, they will visit is the home of their own grandparents . Great grandmother's house and beautiful . Neat once anyway . It is in the village of Suka Maju , Hamlet Pari , RT 10 , RW 23 , Gladiolus Road .

They wanted to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house . They are getting ready . Also bring food for lunch . PakArif was driving . They set off cheerfully . When traveling , Mr. Arif suddenly stop the car . Mr. Arif want to buy food for a gift that will be given to grandma and grandpa .

" Why, why did you stop the car ? " Asked Mrs. Desi .
" Dad wants to buy a gift for grandma , " replied Mr. Arif .

After buying souvenirs , Mr. Arif went on that trip .
Having arrived at Grandma and Grandpa , Lisa grandparents hugged tightly . So even with Kak Rio .

" How's it going , ma'am , sir ," asked Mr. Arif .
" Alright my son" the grandmother and grandfather .

After that , Lisa invited her grandmother to make fruit soup . There pineapple , jackfruit , melon , papaya and watermelon . There are liquid milk , coconut milk and syrup . Having finished his soup , they ate with great gusto . Because very thirsty .

" Hmm , artificial fruit soup delicious granny yes , " said Lisa with a thumbs-up .
" Thank you for my granddaughter , Lisa is the most beautiful , " said Lisa's grandmother as she stroked the hair .

When finished eating fruit soup , Mr. Arif and Mrs. Desi slept in the room . While Kak Rio and Lisa were watching television .
Once satisfied watching television , they play in their rooms . Kak Rio playing playstation while playing Lisa computer .
Once satisfied playing , they were invited to the streets by Mrs. Desi . The roads to the beach , to the pool after it's immense .

" Kak Rio , Lisa , come together . We want to walk to the beach and after the beach to take a walk to the pool ! "Cried Miss Daisy .
" Oh yes , really exciting tuh I want to come , " said Lisa .

They left feeling very happy . Lisa was while singing because it is very happy.
When traveling , Lisa still continued to sing . Arriving at the beach , they immediately replace their clothes . Kak Rio and Lisa making sand castles . After that they take pictures near the sand castle . Once satisfied , they went to the pool .

They return home .

After saying goodbye to grandma and grandpa , they go home . They stopped at a restaurant , after that trip again while singing cheerfully . They were glad to get home .