Me    : Mom, i should tell you right now
Mom : What is it dear ? tell me right now
Me    : I should go to australia mom, i get that schollarship from school
Mom : Are you kidding me ?
 Me  : No mom, i’m seriously this is a special chance for me to catch my dream would you like to          let me go ?
 mom : But i love you dear how can i let you go ?
me   : Calmdown mom everythings gonna be alright

mom : But , i’m afraid if i’ll miss you my daughter i feel so sad  if i let you go

 me    : It’s ok mom, you can call me or message me distance is not a big problem
 mom : If that’s you want i’ll let you go, but you must take care there
 me    : Sure mom  wish me luck
mom : Sure dear

2 3 2
A : hy...
B : hy..
A : let's go to the cinema
B : what to do?
A : watching movies, now there recent a movie. you know?
B : really?? what the movie?
A : Harry Poter
B : really?? i love that movie. but.....
A : why??
B : i certainly shouldn't watch that movie
A : why?
B : now, i have a lot of tasks. so i will not go.
A : no problem. you can watch the next time
B : iam so sadness
A : be poison
B : thank you