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Wonderful Beach, Parangtritis Beach   Paragtritis beach was one of beach that I ever met beside Pangandaran , and Kute beach. I went to Parangtritis beach when I was in senior high school. I went to this beach beside for finding the data for my final report; it was also used to fill the holiday time.   The first impression when I arrived in Parangtritis beach was very beautiful and very extraordinary. It was because the sea’s wave was so big and the sand on that beach was so white. Then, when I and my friends saw those things, we run to that beach. Nevertheless, it was very hard for us when running. It was because I and my friends used sandals or shoes when I and my friends run on the sands. For that, I and my friends decided to put off our sandals and shoes to be put another area. After that, I and my friend run to the wave easily.   Then, one thing that I wanted you to know was when you would visit this beach. You might not wear shirt or skirt (clothes) in green color. It was caused by the existence of myth in that area about the existence of Nyi Roro kidul, the master in that beach. That myth was about if there were people who would visit this beach, they were forbidden to wear clothes in green color, if those people opposed it. The people would get bad luck, or even that people would be lost in the sea and their bodies would not be found.   From the myth above, I and my friends were not brave to wear cloth in green one when we playing in that beach. Nevertheless, if there was anybody who worn the green, she/he changed into other colors.  Then, if we did not bring another cloth which had another color, we were no afraid. It was caused that we could find many stores which provided clothes; especially cloth only was used on beach there. Besides, the facility above, I and my friends also got other facilities like horse (it was used to go round the beach), surfing tools and others. I and my friends really enjoyed that holiday.