Dialog meminta bantuan:
Zevana      : What are you cooking, Mom?
Mrs. Anne : I'm making vegetable soup
Zevana      : It must be yummy
Mrs. Anne : Surely. Hmm, would you please help me, dear?
Zevana      : Certainly, Mom. How can I help you?
Mrs. Anne : Please cut the potatoes and carrots
Zevana      : Right away, Mom.

Dialog memberi fakta:
Rio : Yesterday I met a girl at a pharmacy. We introduced ourselves and had a chitchat. Her name is Mona.
Feby : Mona? She might be my classmate.
Rio : She said so. She wears spectacles, right?
Feby : Yes, she is tall and has curly hair. Um.. wait a minute. I have a photograph of her. Her it is.
Rio : Let me see.. Well, yes, this is the girl I met yesterday. Anyway, may I have her phone number? I forgot to ask her for it.
Feby : Sorry, I can't give it to you now. I'll ask Mona's permission first.
Rio : O.K