Tolong bantu buatin dialog Expressing Embarrassement dengan masing-masing situasi beriku :

Marta has a conversation with Lili at the school
canteen. She says that the English teacher found her cheating during the test
this morning. She was so embarrassed.

Santo meets Dana in the library. They have a
conversation. Santo tells Dana that he was asleep in the class this morning.
The teacher woke him up. He was so ashamed because of it.

Ena has a conversation with her brother in the
living room. She told him that she was late to come to school this morning. She
ran in a hurry into a classroom, but she went into the wrong classroom.

Juwita meets Putri on a bus. They have a
dialogue. Putri told Juwita that last Sunday she went for a walk with her
little niece in the city park. Many people there thought that the child was her

Lusi has a short talk with her mother. She told
her that she bought some goods in a shop. She was sure that she had enough
money to buy them. In fact, she spent more than she had. She was embarrassed
for canceling some of them.

Mohon bantuannya ^^



1.*At school canteen*
Marta: Do you know what happened this morning?
Lili: What happened?
Marta: I had an English test this morning, and I tried to cheat. Unfortunately, the teacher caught me and took the test paper away and all the classmates looked at me. How embarrassing!
Lili: You shouldn't have cheated.

2.  * at library*
Santo: Hi Dana.
Dana: Hi.
Santo: Yesterday, I didn't get so much sleep.
Dana: So?
Santo: I slept during the lesson this morning. And then the teacher woke me up.
It's so embarrassing.

3. *at living room*
Ena: Hey brother, do you know what happened?
Brother: What?
Ena: I was late for school.
Brother: And then?
Ena: I was panicked that I went to the wrong classroom. At first I thought that it is my classroom but I realized that it wasn't. My god, so embarrasing.

4. Juwita: *gets in the bus* Hi Putri!
Putri: Hi! Have a seat.
Juwita: Thanks!
Putri: Do you know what happened last Sunday? I went for a walk at the city park with my little niece. Just because we're alike, many people asked me if she's my child. I'm so embarrassed that we decided to get out quickly.
Juwita: Your little niece doesn't look like you in my opinion.

5.Lusi: Mom.
Mom: What?
Lusi: I bought too many candies and ice cream that all of them cost more than the amount of the money I brought. I'm so surprised that I had to cancel some of them.
Mom: You must be so embarrassed then.