In a traditional market there are two friends named Rifky and Obet. They are looking for goldfish, they are going to make a party at Rifky’s house by roasting goldfish.
Rifky: we should buy cheaper goldfish because our money is not much
Obet:   sure, that’s why we have to round to get the cheaper price
Rifky: but I’m tired..we have rounded the whole part of this market but the price of all goldfish is almost the same
Obet: Look at there…! There’s a goldfish Fishmonger that we have not been there yet
Rifky: ok, come on
Obet: what the price of this goldfish in a kilo?Fishmonger:      It’s 27.000 rupiahs a kilo
Rifky: That’s too expensive,  may I bargain?Fishmonger:      How much can you pay, boys?
Obet: what about 20.000 rupiahs a kilo?
Fishmonger: sorry I can’t. it’s a local goldfish, taken from ponds around this area
Rifky:  give me a break…you must decrease the price. You said that we may bargain.
Fishmonger: I'll make a special price for you, boys. 25.000 rupiahs a kilo. What about that?
Obet: I don’t think so, give me 22.000 rupiahs a kilo and we’ll take 3 kilos
Fishmonger: I’m loss..I have no profit if I sell with that price. Just for you boys I give you 22.500 rupiahs per kilo but you have to buy 4 kilos. Do you agree?
Rifky:give us for second please.
Rifky:   it’s cheaper among all the goldfish Fishmonger that we have visited. Should we take it?
Obet: yes I know…ok we just take it
Rifky: Ok, we’ll take 4 kilos for 22.500 rupiahs
Fishmonger: that’s a wise buyer…here’s the fish boy. I hope you feel satisfied.
Rifky and Obet: thank you
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