Warning caution digunakan untuk peringatan yang berbahaya. Notice belum tentu membahayakan.
Warning caution :
- In case of fire don't use lift but us fire exit door
- WARNING! This water is unsafe and not to be used for drinking, washing or cooking.
- CAUTION! Water on road during rain
- Caution! Volcanic fumes are hazardous to your health and can be lifethreatening.
Notice caution :
- Keep the room clean
- Parking by permit only
- Waiting room
- Watch for pedestrians
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Warning=petunjuk tentang hal-hal berbahaya
                          contoh:High Voltage,Hot surface do not touchh
Notice=pemberitahuan tentang suatu hal
           contoh:Free entry,Bike route
Cuma segini saja saya bisa bantu.

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