Ani : doni , where are you going ? Doni : im going to the tirta swimming pool Ani : oh , thats a nice place i used to go there Doni : really ? Why you dont come with me ? Ani : no , thanks. I used to swim a lot but after the accident , i cant it anymore Donii : im sorry to hear that Ani : thanks . Im used to it now . Before i felt terrible swimming was my favorite hobby. Doni : do you have something that you like now ? Ani : i cant do any sport . Now , i like reading or watching movies Doni : i used to like watching movie and didnt like sport . But i fat so i started doing sport . Ani : are you used to it now Doni : yes , im enjoy playing sport very much Ani : oh .. ohh yeahh i have to go now see you again . Bye Doni : bye
Lia : Hello Dede. look! I have a photograph
Dede : who are they?
lia : they are my sister and my brothers
dede : what are names?
lia : siska,dodi, and bayu
dede: are they students?
lia :yes, they are . they are University students
dede : do they want to be teachers like your father and your mother?
lia : no, they don't. Siska wants to be a nurse, dodi and bayu want to be lawyer
dede : i see. then what about you?
lia : i want to be a stewardess
dede : that's good. All right. it's time to go. good bye
lia : see you later