Asking and Giving Clarification
Read the dialogue carefully !
Melly   : “Hi, Eliza, what’s your planning next holiday?”
Eliza    : “I don’t have any planning.”
Melly   : “do you like flowers?”
Eliza    : “Yes, I like them. But they cost a lot of money.”
Melly   : “why don’t you grow some flowers in front of your verandah?”
Eliza    : “grow flowers? I am sorry I can’t.”
Melly   : “I’ll show you.”
Eliza    : “Really! Tell me about this.”
Melly   : “Of course. I am sure, because I like gardening and I have planted many flowers. Let me
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                                            IN THE SCHOOL
>> In the break time, Huda, Nadira, Naufal and Dayat are staying at the classroom Huda is doing his mathematics homework Huda     : “Naufal, Can you help me?” Naufal   : “ Sorry, what did you say? Can you repeat?” Huda     : “Ok. I will repeat. Can you help me?” Naufal   : “What can I do for you?” Huda     : “ I always try to do my mathematics homework, but I still confused and I think this is so difficult. Can you help me to do my mathematics homework ?” Naufal   : “Okay, wait a minute. I will take my pen” >> Several minutes later Naufal   : “Oh sorry, I forget to bring my pen. I think, I can borrow Dayat’s pen. Dayat, Can I borrow your pen, please?” Dayat    : “What will you do with my pen?” Naufal   : “To help huda’s matehamtics homework” Dayat    : “Wait a minute, I will take my pen” >> Dayat takes his pen Dayat    : “Here, you can use this pen” Naufal   : “Thank you” Dayat    : “You’re welcome” >> Then, Naufal help Huda to do his homework >> Dewi goes to the classroom Dewi     : “What lesson after break time?” Nadira  : ”Mathematics. Why?” Dewi     : “Who is the teacher” Nadira  : “Hmm... Mr.Paryono” Dewi     : “Oh, thanks” Nadira  : “You’re welcome” Dewi     : “Can you join me to go to the canteen?” Nadira  : “Of course”
>> Then, they go to the canteen
>> In the canteen Dewi     : “Nadira, what drink do you like?” Nadira  : “I like lemon tea. And you?” Dewi     : “I like ice tea” Nadira  : “Oh, okay” >> The waiters come Dewi     : “Sir, I want to order lemon tea and ice tea” Dayat    : “Okay, wait a minute” Dewi     : “Sure” >> Waiters comes to deliver their order Dayat    : “This is your order” Dewi     : “Thank you” Dayat    : “You’re welcome” Dewi     : “Yesterday, I saw a information in the TV about Jakarta” Nadira  : “What is the information?” Dewi     : “Jakarta is flooding” Nadira  : “What? What did you say? Can you repeat?” Dewi     : “Hmm... Jakarta is flooding” Nadira  : “Really?” Dewi     : “Yes” >> A minute later, Raihan come’s Raihan   : “Hi!” Nadira and Dewi : “Hello!”
Raihan   : “Did you see Dayat?”
Dewi     : “Yes , we did” Raihan   : “Where is he?” Nadira  : “Dayat is in the classroom” Raihan   : “Pardon, Can you repeat?” Nadira  : “Dayat is in the classroom” Raihan   : “ Thank you” Nadira and Dewi : “You’re welcome” >> Then, Raihan goes to classroom Raihan   : “Hi, Friends!”
Naufal, Dayat, and Huda : “Hi”
Raihan   : “Why you are still in the class?” Huda     : “I am doing my mathematics homework” Naufal   : “I help Huda to do his mathematics homework” Dayat    : “I’m very tired” >> The bell is ringing Raihan   : “Listen! The bell is ringing” >> In the canteen Dewi     : “Listen! The bell is ringing. Let’s go to the classroom” Nadira  : “Okay”
>> Then, Dewi and Nadira go to classroom