Fried egg


                -spatula or stainlees spoon

how to cook:

add oil to the pan, add pan above the stove, turn on the stove, heat the oil, add egg in the pan, give it salt, return the egg, wait until cooked

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Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)

Ingredient : - Rice          - Salt                           - Cooking Oil
                 - Egg           - Vitsin
                 - Sausage    - Soy sauce (Ketchup)
Cookware : - Skillet
                 - Spatula
                 - Stove (Fire to cook)
How to cook :
1. Turn on the stove and put the skillet on it
2. Add the oil, wait a while until the oil has begun to heat
3. Enter the egg, then stir it into such small pieces
4. Enter sausages that have been cut into small
5. Wait a minute, then enter the rice
Stir briefly, then season with salt first, vitsin, and the latter using ketchup
7. Stir until everything is really flat
8. Serve on a plate

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