One day, a rabbit will cross the river, but he could not swim. He has an idea. He called the head of the crocodile was swimming in the river. Rabbit asked the head of the crocodile. 
"How much the Crocodile river?". Crocodile head replied "we have here twenty." 
"Where are they?". Rabbit asked for keberapa time. "For what?" Crocodile head asked. 
"You are all good, so I want you to line up on a regular basis". 
Head of crocodile called all his friends and marched on a regular basis. Then start the count with a rabbit jumping from one crocodile to another Crocodile: one ... two .... three ... four ... until twenty, and eventually he was grateful to all the crocodile because he could cross the river. 
The message contained in the fable is, that before we act the better we think first so we can resolve the problem.