To teachers and students.
From December 12 to 14,2013,the library will be closed due to the rearranging of books and seats.
We are sorry for the inconvenience

Navy'ah Rizky

Question :
1. the text tells us about?
a. the library's book and seats
b. the renovation of the library in december
c. the temporarily closing of the library
d. the librarian's inconvenience
2. why does the library close?
a. the librarian  will have vacation
b. there have been some inconveniences
c. the students will arrange the books
d. the books will be rearranged
3. ''we are sorry fro the inconvenience.''
the underline word is similar in meaning to...
a. disruption
b. inappropriacy
c. unsuitability
d. diffculty

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