Bantu ubah jadi indirect speech doong....
1. Toni said to me, 'Reni was reading a book when I called her.'
2. Toni said 'Reni's brother has come to see me.'
3. Tono asked his daughter, 'Has your brother arrived?'
4. Rudi asked me, 'Could Dewi hear what we were talking.'
5. 'Has Diane given the message?' my brother wanted to know.
6. 'Has the man mended the roof?' Mr Joe asked his son.



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. Toni said that Reni was reading a book when I called her.
2. Toni said that Reni's brother had come to see me.
3. Tono asked his daughter whether her brother had arrived.
4. Rudi asked me whether Dewi could heard what we were talking.
5. My brother wanted to know whether Diane had given the message.
6. Mr Joe asked his son whether the man had mended the roof.

hope these can help you :)
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