A Trip To Borobudur Temple

Last week, I spent my holiday in Jogjakarta. I went to Borobudur Temple.
My family and I went there early morning We went to Borobudur Temple by
private car. I had prepared everything before we went to Jogja. While
we were driving, we could see some beautiful views of mountains,
forests, and waterfalls. My family and I arrived at Borobudur Temple at
11:30 in the afternoon. There, I saw many tourists. Borobudur Temple was
crowded in that holiday vacation. I could learn and practice speaking
English with one of foreign tourists. His name was Jack. He was very
friendly. It was my first time to speak English with foreign tourist. We
went back at 04:30 in the evening. It was a very interesting vacation

5 soal pilihan ganda beserta jawabannya please ?



1.Where did me and my family spent on Holiday?
a. Bandung b.Cirebon c. Yogyakarta d.Solo
2. With whom did i met there?
a. A sales man b. A foreign tourist c. My classmates d.My family
3. What time did we went back?
a. 4.30 in the morning b. 2.30 in the afternoon c.7.30 in night d. 4.30 in the evening
4. We went there with a...
a. Bus b.Plane c.Ship d. A private Car
5. When did we go there?
a. Last week b. 2 month ago c. Last year d. Yesterday

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