Mrs. Ratna :This room is very dirty...,please?
Rina :Sure
prambanan temple is one of the miracle places inthe world. It is one old monument in Indonesia . Prambanan is located in Klaten,Central Java. this place is near Yogyakarta. Prambanan Temple has a lot statues and relieves. They are very beatiful and interesting. That is why many tourist want to visit there.
2. What is the text about?
3. What can you find in the temple?
4. They are very beatiful and interesting.
What does the underlined word refer to?
5. Arrange following senteces into a good procedure text.
a. Next, put some salt on the egg
b. then, cook the egg for 3-4 menute
c. After that, take out the egg and put on a plate
d. Heat the oil
e.First, pour the oil into the pan
f. Finally, sprinkle the fried egg with some grated cheese.
g. Break the egg into the pan.



2.prambanan temple
3.statues and relieves
4.prambanan temple

no 5 itu jadi kalimat apa?
1. Clean it
2.About Prambanan temple
3.Lots of statues and relieves
4.The statues and relieves
5.e,g,a, b,c,f