Terrible Day

Last Sunday was a terrible day. My cousins and I were playing football
infront of a house together to spent our time. First, it was really fun
untill I kick the ball too strong, so the ball leaded into a window and I
broke the window. When we want to run away, suddenly we all heard a
loud voice. After that, the owner of the house came from the fence of
the house, he was shouted on us. We were very afraid, but we don't know
what to do. Then, one of my cousins told us to run, we all ran, and
suddenly we heard a bark sound. Then we knew, that the owner of the
house let his dog to chase us. And we were struggling to ran fast as we
can. But, i fell down so the dog managed to catch me and bite my leg. It
was really painful. Then the dog ran back to the house. My cousins took
me to the doctor and told my parents. Finnaly the doctor said that i
was exposed to rabies. Then i was hospitalized for one more week.

bisa buat 5 soal pilihan ganda beserta jawaban dr teks diatas ?



1. when did the story happen?
a. monday
b. tuesday
c. wednesday
d. friday
e. sunday = answer

2. what the doctor verdict the writer?
a. he got fever
b. he got rabies = answer
c. he got cancer
d. he got toxo
e. he got cough

3. why they try to run away?
a. because they broke the window = answer
b. because the house owner invite them
c. because their moms are calling
d. because the dog are barking
e. because his cousin is afraid

4. where the bark sounds come from?
a. cat
b. speaker
c. dog = answer
d. horse
e. the owner of the house

5. how many days did the writer hospitalized?
a. 8 days
b. 14 days
c. 1 day
d. 7 days = answer
e. 5 days