This is map of Indonesia. Do you see the island? Indonesia has five big islands and a lot of small ones. The names of the big island are Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan , Sulawesi and Irian Jaya the small island near Java is the island of Bali, it is very famoes at lot people want to come to Indonesia to see Bali.
Jakarta is the capita of the Republic of Indonesia 6 milion people live in Jakarta the President.
Of the Republic of Indonesia alst lives there Indonesia has a flag. The colours of the Indonesia, flag are red and white. The name of flag is "SANG SAKA MERAH PUTIH".
Doyou know the name of a ther, big cihies in indonesia? you can find them on big map.

Indonesia has (1) ______big island and a lot of (2)_____ones (3)______(4)_____(5)_____(6) and (7)___are the names of the big island one of the small (8)______ is Bali it is a (9)_____island a lot of people want to (10)_____ Indonesia to (11)____ Bali
"SANG SAKA MERAH PUTIH" is the (12)____ of the Indonesia flag.



1. many 2. small 3. Java 4. Sumatra 5. Kalimantan 6. Sulawesi 7. Papua 8.islands 9.small 10. go to 11. visit 12. anthem

maaf kalo ada yang salah "^.^
1. many
2. small
3. Sumatera
4. Jawa
5. Kalimantan
6. Sulawesi
7. Irian Jaya
8. island
9. famous
10. came
11. see
12. flag
maaf kalo salah