Drama keong mas aja dibuat ke dalam bahasa inggris
gimana cara buatnya,,,pliss tolong aku
Jawaban paling cerdas!

(On school breaks)
Andrew      : That was not difficult math test? I think hard.
Salma  : Yes. Deuteronomy math difficult. What do you think Han?
Han     : Yes. Quite difficult.

Dhea    : But friends, as long as we learn definitely easy. You agree? But,I was too    confused to do it.
Andrew: But fortunately I was sitting in the back. So, can cheat.
Han     : You're cheating?
Andrew     : Yes, I am.
Salma  : Me too. I've been cheating the formula in the book that I hide in the drawer.
Dhea    : Wah wah wah. Not good!.
  (Agung and Kholid come and intends to join in the conversation)
Agung : Can we join the discussion?
Kholid : Yeah, can not?
Dhea    : Yes allowed.
Agung : You are what discussion?
Han     : It's, time math test last Andrew and Salma cheating.
Kholid : Cheat? I and the Agung was also cheating.
Han     : What? So who did not cheat just me and Dhea?
Dhea    : My goodness. No! Friend's cheating that included corruption!
Andrew      : How come?
Agung : Weird!!
Kholid : Funny!!
Dhea    : Oh My God... So long as you do not know this? Hanifah, please explain!
Han     : Huhh. So whose name was not just corrupt officials who take the rights of the people. There are little things that we often do and maybe it’s corruption.
Dhea    : Like cheating, skipping school, buy food at the canteen does not pay, or dishonest acts of others.
Agung : So far I often corrupt ...!
Salma  : Me too!
ANdrew     : Me too!
Kholid : Me too!
Agung : Ouch. We feel guilty ..!
Han     : Yes. So let us accustom ourselves early on not to commit corruption.
Dhea    : Yeah. So if we have been accustomed from an early age is not corruption, our country will progress!
Kholid : O.K! From now on we will be honest in all things.
Agung : Agreed! Fight Corruption!
All        : Agree !!!!!!!!!!!
  (The bell already rang)
Dhea: Well the bell has sounded friends! Let's go to class ..!