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This is story of Cinderella. Once upon a time there live beautiful young girl. Called Cinderella. Her mother is dead, but her father Lord Basil, has second wife now. Her name is Sybil She is a horrible woman. She has a daughter her name is Alice. She is horrible too and very ugly They live in same house. Some day Cinderella’s father went work to another country and leave her alone with her step family. Her step family pretended Cinderella like a servant.   #Scene 1 : in the Cinderella’s house Alice                : Cinderella…, Cinderella…, Cinderella…!
Cinderella        : Wait, I’m coming. Why do you call me?
Alice                : look at that. The floor is dirty. Clean it quickly.
 Cinderella        :okay i will take a broom in terrace Alice                : no ... no.. you must  ironing my dress  first.
Cinderella        : i will ironing your dress after cleaning the floor
 Alice                : you didn't hear me. you must ironing my dress first . i have rule that you must obey. If you didn't duty you know what will happened to you !
 Step mother     : What’s happen in here?
Alice                : No, mom. Nothing.  Look at that, that’s rat, rat…
Step mother     : Kill it now!
Cinderella        : Don’t touch it. Let it go away
 Step mother     : Cinderella, are you sure….
 Cinderella        : I’m sure mom. If we let it go, it won’t come back to here.
Step mother :What do you talking about? I wouldn’t say it. I would say ‘are you sure want to get new punish?
Cinderella        : a…, a…, a…
 Step mother     : Okay, let it go away. Then clean the floor and cook some food quickly. And you   can’t dinner tonight
Cinderella        : okay, mom. It usually happen everyday.
Cinderella got big punishes everyday    
#Scene 2 One day in the castle, there was a charming prince. His named Prince. His parents wanted him to marry quickly, But he always disagree. After that, The kingdom will make a party to choose a wife for prince. T hen  the Castle Guard spread that party to all houses in that country. Every lady could come to that party.   Then, the Guard had come to the Cinderella’s house. The Guard 1 : Attention, for all ladies in this country. Prince invited you to come to his dance party. Every lady can come. That party will be at Saturday night this week. Thanks for your attention.   Cinderella wanted to come to that party. Unluckily, her step mother didn’t give her permission to go there and always gave her heavy tasks and punishes. At the time for party, Cinderella felt very sad. She wanted come there, but she couldn’t do it. Her step mother didn’t let her went there.  
Cinderella        : Mom, I have finished to wish the dashes and clean the floor.
Step mother     : Alright…, now, clean the window.
Cinderella        : But I have done last three hours, mom
 Step mother     : Oh…, DO IT AGAIN!! 
 Cinderella felt very sad by do the task. Suddenly, a kind fairy came to her. The Fairy wanted to help Cinderella. 
 Cinderella        :Oh, God. I want to come to that party. But I can’t. I have to finish it first. Hey, what is that? W-who a-are y-you?
Fairy                : Don’t be afraid. I’m just a fairy. I come to help you.
 Cinderella        : Thank you.
Fairy                : Now, wish your face.
Cinderella        ; Okay Fairy                : Then, this…
 Fairy                : Now, you can go there. But, remember, my magic just can until twelve o’clock this midnight. So, you have to go home before the bells ring.
 Cinderella        : Okay, Miss. But how about my task and punishes?
Fairy                : Don’t worry. I will have done when you go
. Cinderella1      : Thank you.
Fairy                : You’re welcome. Let’s wear it! I’m in here. Then, you can go there.