Mr and Mrs Sambos want to visit. Mrs Sambos sister and hers husband in jakarta. Murni,Bagus,Ayu have to stay at home in solo. They have to go to scholl. Murni has to take care of her brother and sister. The children want some things from jakarta. Bagus want a pair of shoes Murni wants dress, and Atyu wants a bag.
" All right, a pair of shoes, for Bagus, a dress for Murni and a red bag for Ayu, Mr Sambo's says". But you have to study and do you homework.
Mr Sambos has home batiks for sisiter, her sister husband and her niece in Jakarta.
She , and a brown one for her sister husband.

1. who do Mr and Mrs Sambos want to visit?
2. where is Mrs Sambos sister living? many daughters do Mr and Mrs Sambos have? many sons do they have?
5. whom does Mrs Sambos want to by buy shoes for?
6. whom is the dress for?
7. whom is the red bag for?
8. who do the Sambos want to give the batik's to?
9. whom is the brown batik for?
10. whom is the yellow one for?

maksudnya yellow one apaan? kgk ada tulisan yellow di cerita nya...


1. Mrs. Sambos sister and hers husband.
2. Mrs. Sambos sister live in Jakarta
3. They have 2 daughters
4. They have 1 son only
5. For Bagus
6. For Murni
7. For Ayu
8. To Sisiter, her sister husband and her niece
9. For her sister husband
10. For her niece

Untuk grammarnya perbaiki sndiri ya, karena saya juga org Indonesia e_e