mina : how was your holiday last week?
lina : i went camping to puncak
mina : that's great!! how many friends joined you?
lina : there were six people altogether.
mina : how did you go there?
lina : i went there by bus,did you go somewhere?
mina : no,i helped my mother 
lina : okay.that's good
Ihda     : Where are you going?
 Darryl  : I want to go home
Ihda     : Heii... Don’t you remember that we have to practice our dialogue for “drama” right now?
Darryl  : I don’t remember. Is it today or tomorrow? If it’s today. I can’t because I have private course at home
 Ihda     : How often do you have your course in a week?
 Darryl  :  3 times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday, and
Ihda     : We can not practice without you. Because you are the main caracter. Haow about Thursday? Can you make it?
 Darryl  : Unfortunetelly I can not because i have scehdule for pacticing baseball Ihda     : So when do you have spare time for us?
 Darryl  : Let see...... I’m very busy everyday.
Ihda     : Really? What is your schedule then if you always busy everyday?
 Darryl  : I attend private course, join baseball team, and take guitar course. Ihda     : Have you ever do refreshing?
 Darryl  : Yes Of course I have
Ihda     : How often do you go holiday?
 Darryl  : I have holiday every Sunday. I usually visit my grandmother’s house
 Ihda     : Do you go with your parents?
Darryl  : Sometimes I go with my parents or with my brother only if my parents are very busy
 Ihda     : What are you doing there?
 Darryl  : I usually fishing. It’s very fun
Ihda     : How do you go there?
Darryl  : I always go there by my car
 Ihda     : Have you ever go there by bus?
 Darryl  : Never. My parents will not allow me to go by bus. By the way, what day we can practice our “drama”. How about Saturday?
 Ihda     : I can not because I have course
Darryl  : How often do you have your course in a week?
 Ihda     : Twice a week. Every Saturday and Tuesday.
 Darryl... I think we don’t have any time except today

 Darryl  : Wait a moment I get a message from my parents...... O h the teacher can not come because he is sick. So we can practice right now. Let’s go
Ihda     : Ok very good. Let’s go
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