To : Mom
Mom, I'am sorry I can't go home early, there is an OSIS meeting

Wrinkles on his face, symbolizing the persistence
For through life with his family
And I understand .....
Sigh accent arm hand to witness
Countless what have you done demiku
You cry when I hurt in knife
You climb when my prayer in my sleep soundly
Beautiful mother Duhai rhythm manners
Let me wash your feet, which split the
So I can feel how great
Sacrifices for me ....
My prayer for you is a prayer corner in my life
My gratitude to you is the way to serve you lurusku
And every tear that fell for me
Is my pulse is always ticking to take care
Thank you dost the ayu
You're like the perfect light
You're like a candle that glows average
You like ajimat embedded in the chest
Later, my life in the world and in nature there
Being immortal and fragrant, smelled of body
Full reward and flowers ....