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Long-long ago, in a small village,
lived old widow, her named Mbok Rondho. She lived alone, her husband died, she
dreamed to have a child. So, one day, she decided to call met Buto Ijo. Buto
Ijo a giant monster.

Mbok Rondho: Buto ijo, Buto ijo, I call your named Buto ijo.

Buto ijo: Hohoho… why you called me, old woman. Hohoho…

Mbok Rondho: I have one request to you, it has been a long
time I haven’t have a child. Can you help me?

Buto ijo: Of course, but I have one agreement for you?

Mbok Rondho: what is it?

Buto Ijo: If you have a child, I want to take her when she is
16 years old.

Mbok Rondho: hhmmmm… O.K Buto ijo, I agree with you.

Buto ijo: this is a cucumber seeds. I you plant it, it will
grow to be a very cucumber and the big cucumber there will be a beautiful baby.

Mbok Rondho: Thank you Buto ijo. I will never forget your

Then, Mbok Rondho back to her house happily. She planted the
seed in front of her house.

In the next day, Mbok Rondho very surprised when she found a
very big cucumber shine like gold in the yard, there was a beautiful baby.

“Wow, you are very beautiful, I call you Timun Emas.” Mbok
Rondho was holding the baby (and a say song)

“I love you, you love me, we are happy family, with a great
big hug, and a kiss from me to you, want you say you love me too…?”

And as the time goes, Timun Emas grow up. Buto ijo goes to
Mbok Rondho house and he want to take Mbok Rondho promise 16 years ago…

Buto ijo: Where is your child??

Mbok Rondho: She goes to play with her friend

Buto ijo: don’t lie! You must keep your promise!

Mbok Rondho: But she really plays with her friend!!!!!!

Buto ijo: O.K… but you must call your child now!!

Mbok Rondho: Oook… O.K Butoijo…

Few minute’s latters, in Timun Emas friends use.

Next Mbok Rondho say to Buto Ijo

Mbok Rondho: Buto ijo… Timun Emas not in anywhere

Buto Ijo: don’t lie again (afterwards, buto ijo look Timun

There is Timun Emas!! Don’t run!!

Mbok Rondho: Run Timun Emas… Run!!!

Buto ijo
overtake timun emas…

Finally, she dispersed
Terasi from the package, “Aha, this is magic Terasi from my Mother”, died you
buto Ijo.” Suddenly appeared boiling sea mud, “Wo, I can move, I can move, Help
me please”, And then, the giant monster was died, Timun Emas could live happily
with her mother.