Mrs. Kim is happy. Her husband hasn't gone home for months because he works abroad. Last night Mr. Andrew sent a message that he planned to go home this month.

Mrs. Kim can't hide her happines. Now she is arranging what she will do if her husband come. If her husband come, she will cook special food for dinner.
I                                     f i were a bird, i will fly to the Sky

When i was in Elementary school. I have a dream, want to know ? I want to be like a bird. Fly, fly, and fly to the sky. I want to do it, too. I want to fly, like no one can reach me. I wan to fly, like no one can judge me. I want to fly, because, i used to think that when i can fly to the sky, I will meet Angel and talk with him. So, if i were a bird, i really want to fly to the Sky.