apa cerita yang mau kamu ceritain?
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Komentar sudah dihapus
aku pernah ikut lomba story telling, kalau aku sih pembukaannya gini : Assalamualaikum wr .. wb .. good morning ladies and gentleman, the honourable juries, teachers, and my beloved friends ..
My name is (nama mu) from (sekolah mu) ..
In this oppertunity i'd like to delivers my story on title (cerita yang ingin kamu bawakan) ...


I want to tell something about my story
no other answer?
well, i prefer to ask if the audiences if they have already heard of some part of the story, i meant that if you want to tell a story about fact, you may start with have you already heard about the ship of titanic, behind its melancholic facts, there is this story...
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Good morning every one , i want to tell about story..
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