Bear : Hi, Bernard. How are you doing, today ?
Bernard : Hi, Bear. Not bad, thanks. How about you ?
Bear : Pretty good, thanks. Hey, hey. NOT BAD, what's wrong with you, guy ? There was something that annoyed you ?
Bernard : No, nothing. See, I'm smiling.
Bear : No, don't lie to me! Before, i come here, your mother was looking for you. So, tell me! What happens ?
Bernard : So, damn. It's not your business.
Bear : Do you forget ? I'm your friend. Just tell me, maybe i can help you.
Bernard : Yeah, i'm truly sorry. You're the best friend that i ever have. 
Bear : So, you want to tell me ? What's the problem ?
Bernard : You know ? My mother always busy, she just think about her work. I hate it.
Bear : Don't be like that. She loves you more than everything. Hope you know. She works for you!
Bernard : Yeah, i realize it, right now. Thanks, Bear. You always beside me, when i nedd you.
Bear : It's ok. Anytime you need.

Just Helping.
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