Journey After The National Exam

   This afternoon I was out with friends will make the short trip after we completed the NATIONAL EXAM.
   We gathered at the school since 30 minutes ago. Until it's time we all piled into the bus and begin the journey.
   I sat side by side with two of my friends, precisely in the 5th row. My friends seemed excited. Before each one of us in the absence of its existence. After all complete, we left at about 5.00 pm.
    The atmosphere in a very crowded bus. They were joking, laughing, singing and playing music together. I entertain them all with a variety of jokes.
   Time passed until the time we worship. We stopped at a large mosque. it's beautiful, clean and comfortable.
After that we continued our journey to the tomb of Sunan drajjat in ​​Lamongan town. A frightening and lonely place. There we chant and pray. And partly because I have friends who are not allowed to enter the cemetery area, we ended up waiting on the porch funeral.
     An hour passed, the appointed time is up, we got together and went on a trip to a mosque Stomach Earth. Around 12:00 midnight, we arrived there. Subhanallah .. it's a beautiful mosque! When entered, was located in the underground cave. The sky of the rocks, some already in pasangi ceramic floor, but most of the land
. The walls are decorated with shiny rocks, calligraphy, and some historical objects such as clock, sword, jug and tell the history of writing. We also pray there begging smoothness and goodness of Allah SWT. We were offered a glass of holy water from inside the mosque which is believed to make our bodies healthy and avoid illness. I hope this water becomes blessed ^ _ ^!
    Proceed to a resting place. We arrived about 3:00 o'clock at dawn. There, I took time to shower, eat and sleep on the bus. Huuuh .. it was tiring.

The time was 6:00 am, it's time for breakfast. The next goal is WBL (Marine Tourism Lamongan). We deliberately waiting because the counter has not been opened. Several minutes of waiting, finally counters were opened. We queued in an orderly manner. I paired the counter clerk a paper bracelet as a sign of visitors. Friends split up according to their 
group. As for me and 5 of my friends take pictures on a bridge above the sea. Stunning sea views, peaceful and cool atmosphere even though the sun is very hot. Not forgetting we enjoy subordinate and games are provided for FREE! I'm tired of WBL around with my friends bought by the family. After that we headed to the bus and the rest.
      Next we move on to the island of Madura over the bridge "Suramadu".Because the body to sweat, on arrival in Madura at 05.00 pm precisely in Bangkalan us immediately shower and change clothes. very fresh, we are excited again after a shower.
    The time was 6:30 pm. After maghrib prayer we immediately headed to the bus. journey is completed, it's time to go home to Lumajang. Did not feel the time is so fleeting, for 1 day 2 night trip we implement this with a happy end. hope the trip and memories with friends are not forgotten.