Jawaban paling cerdas!
Bernard : Hi, Bear. What's up ?
Bear     : Hello, Bernard. I'm studying.
Bernard : O, you know, my friend. You do best for the last exam.
Bear     : Really ? Who were tell you ? Are you kidding me ?
Bernard : No, Mr. D was told me, one day ago. Sorry, i'm just telling you, now!
and Congratulation you've got perfect mark. A+. Congrats, guy. Good job.
Bear     : Yeah, thanks. Too much happy. And, happy for you, now.
Bernard : Why ? What happens ?
Bear     : Last morning, Ms. Y told me that you will be sent to an Indonesian Olimpiad, next week. 
Bernard : Really ? It's a joke ?
Bear    : No, it isn't. Great, the killer teacher like her believe you to do it. It's great. You must be happy, congratulation.
Bernard : Yeah, thanks for you.

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