Giving Attention
1.      The Definition of Gaining AttentionGaining attention is a way or expression that is spoken so that other people will pay their attention to what we want to.2.      Expressions We Can Use to Ask Other People Attention Here are some expressions we can use to ask aother people attention.1)     Attention, please!2)     May/can I have your attention, please?3)     Look!4)     Look here!5)     Excuse me!6)     Excuse me, look here!7)     Listen to me, please.8)     Waiter?9)     I’m sorry, but ….10)Wow, really?11)Excuse me, look here, please.12)I’m listening. Example :  Some of the examples by which you can showcase your keen attention to detail to the interviewer are:
1. Talk about job role specifications and try understanding the deliverables. Ask questions.
2. Try exhibiting your knowledge about the organization, the teams involved, the current market scenario and how the organization is trying to tackle the situations.
Lack of attention to detail
Lack of attention to detail is not really a good trait.
In fact, it is something that most of the employers look down upon. After all, no one wants to hire a lazy bum who pays no attention to details!
How to improve attention to details
Anyone can improve his/her attention to details. All that is required is an intent and focus to achieve it. Perhaps, the best way to develop the trait is to start paying attention to things around you
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