Nisa: Fidi Hi! . Fidi: Hi too .. Nisa: oh yes, Nayla said earlier, you're calling me. There's what? . Fidi: no nothing .. just .. a .. a .. i .. Nisa: Fidi I what? Fidi: I care for you.. Nisa: Fidi thanks. Fidi: but, this is not a usual care. Nisa: mean? Fidi: I, love you the same. I'm in love with you .. Nisa: what? Fidi: you want to be my girlfriend? Nisa: Aa .. I ..
Nisa: sorry .. Fidi: sorry? Sorry what? Nisa: sorry I could not Fidi: so .. Nisa: can not reject Fidi: Nisa, I thank you. Nisa: yes, i love you too Fida: yeay ..
The Dialog as well as you want.
Bear : Hi, Bernard. How are you doing, today ?
Bernard : Hello, Bear. Pretty good, thanks. And, how about you ?
Bear : Not bad.
Bernard : Hey, hey. What's up ? What do you mean NOT BAD  ? 
Bear : Nothing, it's okay. 
Bernard : Hey, don't say like that. I'm your best friend since you're a little kid. I know you got some problems, right ? So, what happened today that annoyed you ?
Bear : Actualy, I'm feeling down about work lately.
Bernard : So, What you got ? The teacher has punnished you ?
Bear : No, but i've got more. She asked me to do many tasks, tough other don't do it.
Bernard : It's ok, but, for the next homework, don't do it again. Just promise to your self. So, to refreshing your minds, do you want to accompany me fishing to Lake Toba, tomorrow ?
Bear : Sure, thanks Bernard. I'm better because of you. Thank you so much.
Bernard : Yes, anytime you want, my friend. I always beside you.

Saddnes Expressing : Italic.
Love Expressing : Italic and bold.
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