Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. her proffesion was a nurse
2. my father work to be doctor
3. I know it now, he is a carpenter
4. i buy lettuce and eggplant at green grocer
5. her father's job was a soldier
6. it will be hard to be an engineer
8. i love my mother, because she was a very nice teacher at school
9. i fix my jeans at tailor
10. gatau"""
jadikan terbaik dong, aku bikin sindiri susah loh
makasiiii omggg
1. He has good profession. It's really hard to be a scientist.
2. To get some monies, you have to do some works.
3. Her father is a good carpenter. Everyone knows about it.
4. The new green grocer have been opened by a rich woman, one day ago.
5. When i was a Junior high school, my father told me to be a Soldier, like him.
6. Would you help an engineer in the engine room ? I think, he needs some helps, when i was leaving him, alone there.
7. What is bliceman ? Someone, please tell me. What is it ?
8. The Mathematic teacher in my class has a nice smile. And, i love it so much.
9. The dress which i'm wearing, today was made by a professional tailor.
10. My friend has a job to be a shopkepper, since his father passed away, last month.

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