“Ron! Where are you going? Wear your jacket.” someone called his son. “No. thank you. I must go to school now or I will be late, Dad.” Aswered the son in front of the door. “But today is so cold, Ronald. Keep your health.” Ronald’s father stood from a chair and walked to Ronald with
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Prince tomato

once upon a time , there lived a king eggplant ang queen carrot ,they had 3 child, like 2 princess carrot and a prince tomato  , the princess is very beautiful and kind to everyone , but a prince tomato is ugly and very ashamed if people saw him,.

one day a good witch came to palace vegetable, that witch is Nyi kunyit , she chance into a ugly woman and she saw prince tomato sad , and she asked " why you sad prince..?" " i very ashamed because i very  ugly , i jealous to my sister ,they is beautiful and kind to everyone , but me ,what can do..?" said tomato

the ugly woman said with smile " just that , you just ashamed , now looked me ,im ugly too , but is not mean i can't right..? you just need grateful for be a better , trust me,!"
than prince tomato smile and want said thank you but he ugly woman is disappear . 

day passed to year , prince tomato now change into a better ,he always help people ,  and he dont care anymore about his face , when prince walked to a river , he saw that ugly woman , and approach her , he said " thank you for your help , know i can be better " " no  is not me , you made you self belive you can , and for made your life perfect, i will made you handsome " said the witch 

then a witch said a spell , the prince turn ito a handsome , and he live happy now

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