1. one day I met my friend sunddely came in Bandung thief while running hard to take the bag belonged to my friend , we werwe screaming for help but , there is only silence citizens not help us , they are just do the activity it self , regardless of the other person since them me and my friend so be careful on the street
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Indra              : Haii, gus…!!! Agus               : Haiii… Indra              : What’s wrong with you…? Agus               : I feel bad now. Indra              : Why…? Agus               : I have a problem with my dad. Indra              : What ‘s your problem with your dad…? Agus               : Mmm…                         My dad always arrived home late, and he always say about job. Indra              : What’s wrong if your dad arrived late. Maybe he want to finished the job. Agus               : But I think he was lying. Indra              : why do you say your father was lying? Agus               : because he looked suspicious, he always just never noticed me, he always lied with an employment base. I do not like it. Indra              : Okey, I agree with you, but you also have to understand how the state of your father, he works too right for you, he wants to find money to make you happy. Indra              : if he did want to see me happy should he pay attention to me. Indra              : Yes, but now maybe he is being a lot of tasks, so there is no time for you, so try to understand how kedaan your parents. Okey gus ...!! Agus               : but I do not like how.! Indra              : please, believe me, even though I'm not your father, but I also have a father who was busy, but I'm trying to understand. And it's a result he is now sanget watching me. Agus               : But I'm not you Dra ..! Suddenly…… Nuro and Anind : Haiii guys… Indra              : Haiii… Anind             : how are you indra? Indra              : Im fine, and you? Anind             : Im fine too.. Indra              : What about you nuro? Nuro              : Im fine too. Nuro              : Hei guz, how are you??? Anind             : yehh, how are you guz..!!! Agus               : im fine…!!! Nuro              : Gus, what’s wrong with you, you look angry. Agus               : I don’t believe my dad, he always arrived home late and the reason is job, job and job. Anind             : Ooooo, I see, but you don’t think your father bad maybe he doing that for you, for your future. Agus               : I don’t think so, I think he never care with me. Nuro              : Nothing impossible agus. Indra              : Yeah, I agree with you. Agus               : But impossible you know. I can’t belive my dad. He always lying… lying… Anind             : You must try to belive your dad. Nuro              : Yes, you’re right anind. Indra              : You must be smile agus. Show to your father if you care with him. I’m sure he will care with you too. Nuro              : That’s right, you must positive thinking. Agus               : Mmm, thanks friends for your suggestion. Anind             : Ok, no problem. We are best friend. We must help to one another.