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The world’s richest men

Currently there are 946 billionaires in the world. The new billionaires mostly come from

Russia, India, China, and Spain as was announced by forbes in its annual ranking.

As expected, United States
still leads the list of billionaires. America’s tycoon Bill Gates has
remained in the top position for 13 consecutive years, according to
ranks made by Forbes magazine. Number 2 on the list is Warren Buffet,
the famed investor. They are quickly losing ground to Mexico’s most
monied man, Carlos Slim Helu.

Helu’s net worth is up an astoni – shing $19 billion this year and is now just $7 billion less than Gates and $3 billion less than Buffet.

In Europe, Russia now has 53 billionaires, only 2 less than Germany’s
total, but they are worth $282 billion $37 billion more than Germany’s
richest In Asia, Japan is no longer Asia’s top spot
for billionaires. India has 36, worth a total of $191 billion. Japan is
in the second position with 24, worth a combined $64 billion.

India’s rich are also marching toward the top of the rangking. Brothers Mukesh and Anil

Ambani join Lakshmi Mittal among the world’s 20 wealthiest. India now has three

in the upper echelons, second only to the U.S

Where did the writer obtain the information from ?

a. India
b. Forbes
c. Mexico
d. Russia
e. Germany

2. How long has Bill Gates been the richest man on the planet ?
a. Thirteen years
b. Thirty years
c. Three years
d. Twelve years
e. Twenty years

3. How many Indian billonaires are there in the top 20 ?
a. 5
b. 3
c. 2
d. 24
e. 36

4. Under which Category does this article belong to ?

Crime report

b. Education review
c. Entertainment report
d. Sport review
e. Financial report

5. What is the topic of paragraph 2 ?
a. United states still leads the list of billionaires
b. Bill Gates has remained in the top position
c. Number 2 on the list is Warren Buffet
Slim Helu is the richest Mexican

Slim Helu is almost as rich as Gates and Buffet



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