Put the follwing question into repoted speech.
1.Joni asked,"Tony,where did you put my camera?"
2.Karina asked,"What are you doing,Leyla?"
3.Mr.Dean asked,"Who will be in charge tonight?"
4.Andrea asked,"When will you go to Korea?"
5.Roman asked,"Why Are you looking at me like that?
6.Harry asked,"Wed hat is the matter?"
7.Lea asked,"What is your favorite book,Hani?"
8.Felix asked,"Stella,which car do you like the most?The red or gray one?"
9.Father asked"Who is calling,Donny?"
10.Diah asked"How can you think I am a cruel girl,Frank?
Tolong saya Saya msh belajar reported speech



Kayanya 1.Joni asked Tony that where did he kept his camera