1.) Buat kalimat question tag , Minimal 3 kalimat !
2.) Buat kalimat passive voice (Present & Past) , Minimal 7 kalimat !

*Plissss ... Bantuin aku yaaaa
Soal nya besok mau di kumpulin :'(

Makasih :)



Question taq :
1. he is your brother, isn't he ?
2. you can help.me tonight can't you?
3. james plays football with his friend, doesn't he?

passive voice :
1. i was callled by her
2. i am hit by him
3. an elephant was killed by the hunter
4. the old house was sold to him a view weeks ago
5. th children are always remind it to be on tome
udh segitu aja deh...
slebih buat sendiri ya...