1.He said to me."I Have a present for you in my bag".
2.The man said,"I must paint,the wall next week".
3.He Told me,"Wait for me".
4.She told him,"Don;t cheat anymore!"
5.Ina asked me,"Do you really love me?"
6.He said to me,"Where are you going?"
7.Mary told Jhon,"My father warned me last night,".
8.Rani asked me,"Why did you get back from your trip?"
9.I asked him,"when will you get back from singapore?"
10.Mary told her friends,"I have went to bali twice,"



1) He said to me that he had a present for me in his bag
2) the man said that he had to painted the wall this week.
3) He told me that wait for him
4) She told him that -
5) Ina asked me if I really love her or not
6) He said to me that where I was going
7) Mary told Jhon that her father had been warned him tonight
8) Rani asked me that why I got back from my trip
I asked him that when he got back from singapore
itu jwbn no 9
no 10 mary told her friends that she had been gone to Bali twice