1. What am I ?
I make furniture from wood.
I make chairs, tables and also cupboards.
I am a ........

2. What am I ?
I examine patients. I work in a hospital.
I usually wear a uniform.
I am a........

3. What am I ?
I put out fires. I usually wear a helmet. If there is fire, call me for help.
I am a.........

4. What am I ?
I go to sea to catch fish. I use my boat and a net.
I am a........

5. What am I ?
I am very healthy because I exercise every day. I run and do other sports.
I am a...........

6. What am I ?
I fly plane. I work carefully. A navigator helps me.
I am a..........

7. What am I ?
I repair people's cars and motorcycles. I usually work at a garage.
I am a..........

8. What am I ?
I cut people's hair. I use sharp scissors.
I am a............

9. What am I ?
I deliver letters to your house. I ride a motorcycles to go to many places.
I am a...........

10. What am I ?
I work for the government. When there is a war, I come to defend my country.
I am a...........

Tolong dijawab nya
Tugas nya di kumpulin besok

6. Pilot
7. Mechanic
8. Barber
9. Postman
10. Soldier


1. Carpenter
2. Doctor/nurse
3. Fireman
4. Fisherman
6. Pilot
8. Barber
9. Postman
10. Army
semoga membantu :)
Komentar sudah dihapus
buku apa tuh?
buku b.inggris tapi kaya nya kamu beda buku nya dehhh
kmu kls brp?
kelas 7
2. Doctor
3. Fireman
5. Athlete
7. Mechanic
9. Postman
10. Soldier
semoga membantu, maaf bila ada salah
Komentar sudah dihapus
fireman brrt "pria api", firefighter brrt "pelawan api" dgn kata lain "pemadam kebakaran" :)
iyakah? ah tak usah debat lah
beda opini,
bkn debat, tp sekedar memberitahu yg tepat :)
yg tepat? aishhh,, hehe