Read the letter from newspaper’s reader in the
section of “ Readers Forum” and answer the following questions.

I am from Italy and have been traveling regularly in this region. I noticed that the Malaysian,Singaporean, and Thai governments have encouraged their citizens to go abroad
and earn a living without any from of restrictions unless of course one has a criminal record.

The decision made by your government to increase exit taxes is a very immature decision. To be simpler, a very stupid move indeed !

This shows your politicians make decisions based on emotions rather than common sense. The whole world is laughing at your goverment with its decisions that do not help
the people, especially the poor.

Arfan Bachdim


Questions :

1. What does the writer want to tell by the letter ?
2. Whom does the writer criticize ?
3. What did the writer think about the policy ?
4. What does the writer hope to the goverment ?
5. Whom is the writer of the letter ?



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. Criticize a policy
2. The Government decision
3. Very immature policy
4. The government that makes that decision will realize that The whole world is laughing at them because their decisions that do not help
5. Arfan Bachdim
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