Everyone knows about SMAN 1 RAINBOW, a favorite school in SKY CITY. And there are four girls who is study and learn in same class since two years ago. They are RED, BLACK, YELLOW, WHITE, and GREEN. They love read in the library, they love to help other people, they have same hobbies and same dreams. Want to know more ?
In the library at SMAN 1 RAINBOW, Red, yellow, white, green, and black read and learn together for their olimpiad, next month. 
Red : Hey, you guys. Ready for the next olimpiad ?
Yellow : Are you kidding ? Of course, i am ready. How about you, guys ?
White : No reason to say i'm not ready.
Black : Yeah, i'm too.
Green : Sure, i'm. But, i think, almost three week, we just learn, study, read, and do same activities, everyday. O, guys c'mon, i'm so tired, ok i said, but i'm never feel bored of all this. Just tired. 
Red : Hey, hey, what do you mean.
Green : You still don't understand ? 
Black : Yeah , tell us, green. Don't make me confused.
Green : I mean, we need refreshing. Before, pass the olimpiad, next month. Just for one day, guys. 
Yellow : Yeah, i got. It might be like go to the beach, watch some movies, or climb a hill. It's so interesting, right ?
Green : I'm 200% sure of that, it must be awesome, guys.
Black : I don't mind. How about you Red, White ?
Red : It's ok.
White : Oh, sorry guys. I don't hear anything, i'm so sleepy. So, what's up ?
Green : Look, guys. Likely, it will happen. If we just prepare to olimpiad, without do some more, to refresh our heart and mind. 
Red : I think tomorrow is the best time, because yeah, it's holiday. Tomorrow will be ok, if we go to  a beach. How if Sky Beach ?
All : Let's go.
In the beach. Red, white, and green are swimming in the beach. Black and yellow are eating in a cafe. Today is holiday, many people come to the beach. And also for Austin, a handsome boy from SMAN 1 RAINBOW. Austin walk to the cafe, ask for a juice, without look for the next step, he tripped, and the juice were sluicing Yellow.
Yellow :