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Change these sentences into passive ones.
a. The government will send food to the evacuees soon.
Answer :
b. A big factory has laid its hundreds of workers off
Answer :
c. The accident injured their arms and legs
Answer :
d. Mother sweeps the floor twice a day
Answer :
e. They do not know where he lives.
Answer :

Change the following questions into reported ones.
a. “Where did the president go ?’’
b. “What is the disadvantage of smoking habit ?’’
Answer :
c. “ When will her new book be published ?”
Answer :



The answers are :
Change the active voice in to passive voice :
a. Food will be sent to the evacuees by the Government, soon.
b. Its hundreds of workers off has been laid a big factory.
c. Their arms and legs were injured by the accident.
d. The floor sweept by the mother twice a day.
e. Where he lives didn't known by them.

Reported Speech :
a. She asked me where did the president went.
b. He asked me what the disadvantages of smoking habit was.
c. He asked me when her new book will be published.

Just Helping.
A.the food will send to the evacuees by the government soon
b.a big factory has laid by its hundreds of workers off
c.their arms anf legs are injured by the accident
d.the floor are sweeps twice a day by mom