Lala : "Can you help me , Dipsi ?
Dipsi: "Yes. What can I do for you?"
Lala: "Take me the red balloon, please! "
Dipsi: "OK. Here it is."
Mr. D : Hello.
Seller : Hi, good morning.
Mr. D : Morning too. What's a nice fruit. Is this apples ? Fresh apples, right ?
Seller : Yeah, Mister. I bough it from the far Village, the farmer said that he was planting it when the nice season come.
Mr. D : O, it's Great. So, is it true  ?
Seller : What ?
Mr. D : Buy one get one, free. So, if i buy one apple, i will get one apple, again ?
Seller : Yeah, alright, Mister.
Mr. D : Ok, i buy 2 apples.
Seller : This is Mister, 2 apples for you, it's $2.
Mr. D : Hey, wait. I think, if i buy two, i will get four. That's written, buy one get one free.              So, if i buy two, i will get four. Hey, seller, do you cheat me ?
Seller : Actually, no Mister. It is true. If you buy one, you will get another one. But, that's            no written, if you buy two you will get four apples with you. So, i'm not cheating              you, right!

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