This story is about FriendshipMy Best Friends Submitted by Erica JohnsonMy Best Friends are Sammy and Racheal. What I Like about My Best Friends is We Play Together and We Share things with each other. I Love my best friends because, I Love saying nice things about them and sharing good stories with them. We went to school and help out. I always take care of my friends and respect them. I also love my new best friend Lilija because, she's a sweet little girl who gave hugs every morning when I go to Joliff Day School in Chesapeake. Me and My Friends went out to Chick fil-A for lunch every saturday afternoon. We also go to the park and we play outside to be happy, healthy kids. We play games together so we can win. We also like watch tv shows and movies. We like to eat healthy foods and we drink water. I like to be honest with them because, I never lie to them. I like to share my colored pencils and paper with them because, we love to draw pictures. I like to play with my two best friends because, it's about caring and friendship. Sometimes, when I feel sad, they always cheer me up to make me feel better. We like to go out to fun places like Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, and Walt Disney World. We respect each other and we care about each other. I love Sammy and Racheal because, we show the values of friendship and including others. it's important to show the values of life like Honesty, Friendship, and Including Others. I learn that friendship is the key of having more than one friend and to have fun. I also learn that honesty is about telling the truth and not to lie to others. Friendship is about having fun and being yourself. The End!