Ini adalah Jawaban Tersertifikasi

Jawaban tersertifikasi mengandung isi yang handal, dapat dipercaya, dan direkomendasikan secara seksama oleh tim yang ekspert di bidangnya. Brainly memiliki jutaan jawaban dengan kualitas tinggi, semuanya dimoderasi oleh komunitas yang dapat dipercaya, meski demikian jawaban tersertifikasi adalah yang terbaik dari yang terbaik.
A: hei, b! what is that?
b: hei. oh, its my bag. I'm prepare this to go to Malaysia
a: are you? I can't believe, it! Why are you not tell me before?
b: yeah, em.. because my uncle, suddenly have got married. And I have to go to Malaysia to meet him
a: oh.
b: can you help me put this bag on that car?
a: oh, sure.
b: thanks. can you tell Mrs. dal about this?
a: OK. how long you go?
b: maybe, a week? because I have another vacation.
a: wow! you not invite me? haha..
b: haha.. if you not crying.
a: I'm not a kid anymore.
b: OK,ok . if there's a homework, tell me.
a: OK.. give me a gift for my birthday!! one week from this day, I have a birthday party in my house.
b: what? OK. I will surprise you. I will give you a worm
a: eww. that will surprise me haha..
b: haha..
a: well, I have to go now.
b: OK, bye