Please describe the signs below! (Describenya 3 biji ya, contoh a.... b.... c....)
1. High Voltage
2. For Staff Only
3. Notice! All visitors must register at office
4. BE SAFE, always wash hands to remove residue before leaving

Pliss bantuin aku ya:((



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. a. That's an electricity building
    b. It may kills you if you touch or doing something to it
    c. It has a high voltage and dangerous. You must be careful
2. a. Students may not enter
    b. You may not enter except you are a staff
    c. staffs of that place allowed to enter
3. a. Visitors must go to the office
    b. They must to register at the office
    c. If they are not registered first, they are not allowed to be there
4. a. You have to wash you hands before you are leaving
    b. If you don't do that something bad may happen
    c. clean your hands first before you are leaving

wish it helps :)
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