My House
My house is located in Jl Lestari no. 5. There is wall fence in front of my house to limit the area with the other and many trees such as, avocado, mango, and guava. Besides that, I also have many kind of flower and my front yard is filled by grasses. There is a terrace which usually use for us to do some activities, like chatting with my parents in the evening, doing my homework, and playing Rubik’s cube with my brother.The first room in my house is a guest room which functions to receive the guest and at this room there is one set of chair and a table; there are also two windows covered by red curtain. My guest room is not big enough and we usually use family room to receive when the guest is too many. The second room is my room which contains a bed almost as long as the room. There is a book rack besides the bed to put my brother’s books and my books. There is also a desk beside the rack book. It not only uses to study, but also functions to put my bag, my brother’s toys, my book, and my movies collection. The third room is my parent’s room; there is a clothes closet and a bed beside it. The bed merges with a small closet and it located in the front of bed. It contains my father’s books and my mother’s cosmetics. The fourth room is family room; at this room, there are a small bed for us to sit down and to sleep, a television, a DVD player, a sound system and a small aquarium. I usually spend the time at this room with my parents and my brother and it uses to discuss something or to watch a movie. That room is bigger than other room; so I feel comfortable to spend my time longer. The fifth room is a bathroom which contains of a bath up and two water tap. I have two bathrooms and it located side by side; so my second bathroom beside it. The sixth room is a kitchen; the first thing that you seeing are refrigerator beside the door, and there is a dining table with four chairs. In front of it, there are two gas stoves, a rack and two windows behind the stoves.My back yard is divided into two sections by small fence; the first section is the area for my family and me; the second is for my pets and my plants. In the first section there are a well and a small warehouse. The second sections contains of many pets, such as, fishes, rabbits, chickens, and bird.
Maksudnya di apain ini?
maksdnya saya blm faham bene cara buat teks diskriptif b, inggriss.
apakah seperti ini sdh d katakan deskriptif.
Kondang Merak beach is really a beautiful beach, for instanced as jewels, it radiatte reflects light as white yellowish of pearl . However, if it is like the girl , then a figure like a charm “Perawan Kencur” . Firstly, the allusion is to sound excessive. Exactly, that the right word to describe the natural charm of Kondang Merak beach.
Understandably,the island located in the south of the Malang city that have stretch of white sandy beach yellowish and have the softly touching . From Malang city , Kondang Merak can be taken 4 hours , by road . Beauty of the beach feels when withdraw , and at the time, the rocks ordinarily covered by water visible from the surface .
Kondang Merak beach is still ' virgin ' explores the expanse of the sea and clear of water then free from pollution. The waves also mediocre , as if deliberately want to keep travelers from threats distresses flattery.