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a) time

b) improve c) invention

d) electric e) an idea

f) safe g) battery

h) increasing i) silver

j) sold

Hibar Syahrul gafur is a student from SMPN 1

bogor. he won a gold medal at the international exhibition of young inventors (

IEYI ) in malaysia for his 1) _______ , anti-sexual violence shoes. he had 2)

_______ to make the shoes because of his concern for many violent sexual acts

on the road.

The shoes he made had a nine volt 3) _______

and circuitry to increase the voltage . when a woman is threatened , she can

switch on the shoes and switch them off again when it is 4) ______. there were

two pieces of silver on the front of the sole . the 5) _______ functioned

as electrodes , producing 450 volts

to make the shoes, hibar spent much 6) ______

and money. to compete with other competitiors , he had to make modifications ,

such as making them waterproof and 7) ______ the voltage of electric shock,

from 220 volts to 450 volts.

Hibar hoped that the shoes would be in mass

production . however, he would 8) ______ on them first so that they would

appear more beautiful and longer lasting


1) what did hibar create ?

2) in what event did he win a medal ?

3) what medal did he win ?

4) why did hibar make the shoes ?

5) what was the battery voltage on the shoes ?

6) on which part was the silver ?

7) what was the function of the silver ?

8) what modifications did he have to make ?



1 c, 2 e, 3 g, 4 f,  5 i, 6 a,7 h ,8 b
1. he invented anti-sexual violance shoes
2. International Exhibition of young inventors
3. Gold medal
4. he was concerned by many violent sexual act on the road
5. 450 v
6. on the front of the sole
7. as an electrodes
8. making them waterproof and increasing the voltage of electric shock