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a) time

b) improve c) invention

d) electric e) an idea

f) safe g) battery

h) increasing i) silver

j) sold

Hibar Syahrul gafur is a student from SMPN 1

bogor. he won a gold medal at the international exhibition of young inventors (

IEYI ) in malaysia for his 1) _______ , anti-sexual violence shoes. he had 2)

_______ to make the shoes because of his concern for many violent sexual acts

on the road.

The shoes he made had a nine volt 3) _______

and circuitry to increase the voltage . when a woman is threatened , she can

switch on the shoes and switch them off again when it is 4) ______. there were

two pieces of silver on the front of the sole . the 5) _______ functioned

as electrodes , producing 450 volts

to make the shoes, hibar spent much 6) ______

and money. to compete with other competitiors , he had to make modifications ,

such as making them waterproof and 7) ______ the voltage of electric shock,

from 220 volts to 450 volts.

Hibar hoped that the shoes would be in mass

production . however, he would 8) ______ on them first so that they would

appear more beautiful and longer lasting


1) what did hibar create ?

2) in what event did he win a medal ?

3) what medal did he win ?

4) why did hibar make the shoes ?

5) what was the battery voltage on the shoes ?

6) on which part was the silver ?

7) what was the function of the silver ?

8) what modifications did he have to make ?



Mengisi yang kosong :
c, e, g, f, i, a, h, b

Question :
1. anti-sexual violence shoes
international exhibition of young inventors (IEYI )
3. Gold medal
4. he concern for many violent sexual acts on the road
5. Nine volt
6. on the front of the sole
as electrodes that produces  450 volts
8. Making it waterproof and increasing the voltage of electric shock